What a night… what a show!

Wow. Tráli… what more can we say? Amazing venue. Awesome staff. What a crowd! Thank you to all who came out to hear us play — without taking a break between sets — at Tráli Morrisville. The energy in the room was so intense, we couldn’t bring ourselves to take 10 and let it stop. We’ll be back, for sure.

From a popping bass that needed some duct tape at the last minute, to an amp cutting out from so much rock & roll goodness played at feverish pace and high volume, to the soaring vocals, to the gloriously failed cowbell audition (yeah, you know who you are, dude in the light blue shirt), it was night to remember.

And hey, maybe piano ballads can live beside CCR and the Stones (says the keyboardist) ;).

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