Entering the Busy Season…

Setting up @ Devine’s, Durham, NC (5/27/2016) – Click to zoom

This June and July are going to be packed full of musical goodness, as we play more than our usual share of shows. Thanks to the folks at Devine’s for letting us take over their outdoor seating area this past Friday night. We appreciated the groups of dedicated patrons who hung out long into the night, dancing and cheering and having all kinds of fun (especially the die-hards at the back of the patio). It was great to see some old friends, some family, and lots of new faces. We had a blast!

Next weekend we’re slathering on the sunscreen and heading out poolside at Preston Village for their annual pool opening party (that’s a private affair). Then it’s more sun, water, and rock & roll as we pack up the gear and head over to Topsail Island for a yacht club party at the Harbor Village Marina… launching into summer with style!


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